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Lipo Cavitation Week 3

Today I went in again to La Vie Medispa ! It was my third treatment out of my ten week program for lipo cavitation session with Caterina. As mentioned in last week’s post during the third week we go through a one hour session and at the end take photos and measure again. …

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Lipo Cavitation Week 2

Today I went in to La Vie Medispa and got treated to my second lip cavitation session with Caterina. As mentioned in last week’s post one session is an hour. The main difference between week 1 and week 2 was that this time around the treatment was not as painful. For some reason …

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10 Minutes with PEACH & LILY’s CEO

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Peach & Lily‘s CEO Alicia Yoon. I’m sure many of you know I’m a big believer in taking care of your skin. I’ve always stated that ‘No amount of makeup can cover up bad skin’. This is one of the reasons why I believe investing …

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Ten minutes with Verdem owner Magen

Today let’s talk about a store named Verdem. What is this store you may ask?

Verdem is a celebration of all that is beautiful about you. They have brought together a collection of skin care, make up and fragrances that, with every application, will love your skin so you will love the skin …

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Lipo Cavitation week 1

Ever tried to get rid of some stubborn fat that just seemed impossible? I think I’ve tried almost everything from clean eating, exercising, cool sculpting, endermology and more but nothing seemed to work. Today I decided to give Lipo Cavitation a try. I’m starting a 10 week program with La Vie Medispa and …

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Chocolate Massage

Imagine being painted from head to toe in a generous layer of chocolate. The scent of chocolate fills the air and seeps into every pore. You can’t taste it but the room breathes and smells of chocolate. It almost feels wrong that I’m not eating all this chocolate and instead it’s being smeared all over …

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