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Ecovacs Robotics

Today I’m so excited to talk about ECOVACS ROBOTICS. I was recently in the launch party for one of the world’s leading home robotics innovators. Recently ECOVACS launched their new range of smart home robotic solutions, comprising a range of robotic vacuum and window cleaners with technological innovations not yet seen in Australia.

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Migrating to Google Pixel 2

If you know me well then you know how absolutely attached I am to my iPhone. I think many people are in the same boat be it with the iPhone or the Samsung or the HTC or the Google. A part of us loves familiarity and fear the world of change. My iPhone was almost …

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OPPO R11s Launch

Tonight we were invited to the launch of OPPO’s new R11s and R11s Plus phones. These phones officially go on sale 5th of February 2018 and I can see why this will be selling like hotcakes!

The OPPO R11s uses 20MP+16MP rear cameras, a large dual f/1.7 aperture, which enhances picture quality in …

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Happytel Oscar TWS Earbuds

Have you ever grabbed your earphones on your commute to work and found that it’s all tangled up? It’s always perfectly untangled when you place them in your bag but magically tie knots by the next morning. This is literally a daily struggle for me every morning and after a good year of detangling earphones …

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