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Olio Kensington Street

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at Olio restaurant located at Kensington Street, Chippendale. This restaurant is located very close by to the Spice Alley precinct and I’m happy to say the food tonight was absolutely delicious. We were invited by the team at SweatyBetty and loved every bit of our experience there. I …

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Moonlight Cinema

Summer in Sydney is such a fun time. One of the reasons I enjoy Summer is not only time out on the beaches but also that extra bit of sun time during each 24 hour day of the precious 3 months of Summer. What better way than spending a late night in summer than to …

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The ultimate Sydney Ice Cream Guide

Since the NYC ice cream guide was so fun to write I thought it was only fair that I write one for Sydney. Sydney is notoriously known for its good food. Unlike other cities, if you serve bad tasting food in Sydney you most likely close down within a few years. Do you know what …

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