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Omnilux journey Session 1-2

Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve updated you but it’s because I’ve been working hard on my youtube channel launch! Something I did recently was investigate my skin under a microscope (see video here its basically so gross haha especially the blackheads! I WAS SHOOK). After doing the microscope challenge …

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Journey to better teeth

Let’s talk about something many people choose to avoid. I’m talking about the dentist! I think my whole life people around me have instilled a fear for anything associated with a Dentist. My whole perception of dentists changed this year when I came to know about DFY dental. Working with DFY dental has not only …

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Hair Transformation

I’m back from a long hiatus! Sorry for being away for so long I’ve actually been quite the traveller and it seems like there just wasn’t enough time between travelling to Bali then Morocco then attending fashion week and tomorrow night I’ll be flying off to Dubai (crazy right?). With such a crazy schedule of …

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Bali Day 1 and HUGE GIVEAWAY

Good morning from the rice fields of Bali! I finally got around to having enough time to write this during my travels here and I’m so excited to share with you my journey in this beautiful home country of mine!

Many of you don’t realise but I was actually born in Jakarta, Indonesia …

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Batiste Luxe

Every feel like your hair is so dry but so oily? That’s the story of my life everyday. I struggle with hair care because the roots feel oily but the middle and ends are always straw dry. Of course this has something to do with the much self-induced bleaching and coloring of my hair constantly …

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Olio Kensington Street

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at Olio restaurant located at Kensington Street, Chippendale. This restaurant is located very close by to the Spice Alley precinct and I’m happy to say the food tonight was absolutely delicious. We were invited by the team at SweatyBetty and loved every bit of our experience there. I …

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