The ultimate Sydney Ice Cream Guide

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Since the NYC ice cream guide was so fun to write I thought it was only fair that I write one for Sydney. Sydney is notoriously known for its good food. Unlike other cities, if you serve bad tasting food in Sydney you most likely close down within a few years. Do you know what …

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Omni Berkshire NYC

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Somebody pinch me! I think I have an addiction to terrace view rooms in New York. I guess once you’ve had a taste of the luxe life you don’t want to go back and believe me, the room we stayed in at the Omni Berkshire Place was nothing short of spectacular!

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Destination Wedding – Bermuda

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Following on from yesterday’s post, let’s talk destination weddings. I know some of you are around the same age as me and either have been dreaming of a wedding, just gotten engaged, planning a wedding or have been through your own wedding. No matter which category you’re in let’s take a moment to explore the …

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Let’s talk Diamonds Part 2

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Continuing on from the last post, let’s discuss the next consideration when choosing an engagement ring – size. The final set of considerations involves two main factors: size and quality. This can either make or break your ring.

First and foremost you need to decide based on your budget – whether size or …

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Let’s talk Diamonds Part 1

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Let’s talk about rings BABY! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but with today’s current, modern society there are just so many shapes, cuts, sizes and colors to choose from. You can often get drowned with choices and believe me, choosing the right ring for your finger is a lot like choosing the …

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Arlo SoHo

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Back on the grind and this week I’ll be reviewing my stay at the Arlo Hotel SoHo. Arlo Hotel Soho has a very different feel to other hotels that I have been to. It gives you that feeling that you’ve been here before. It’s that unplaceable-yet-undeniable sense of belonging. At Arlo Hotels, outsiders become insiders, …

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Rooftop Glamping

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This week I had the pleasure of trying out rooftop glamping at one of Melbourne’s prestige hotels. St Jerome’s Hotel is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD just above Melbourne Central Mall. This hotel really exceeded all my expectations and I’m so excited to share my wonderful experience with you all.

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The Quin

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Nothing quite speaks luxury like a night at The Quin in New York City. The Quin hotel is a quintessential New York hotel located on the corner of 57th Street and Sixth Avenue which is conveniently walking distance from Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, Fifth Avenue shopping and Times Square. If the location hasn’t won you …

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Lifehacks NYC edition

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Everyone knows that living in New York can get very expensive. But the truth is – it doesn’t have to be! There are lifehacks that you can implement to your daily life in New York to avoid feeling like your bank account got assaulted. Unfortunately the only thing I can’t save you from is your …

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Bow Bomber

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Who doesn’t love a good bomber? As we approach fall I’m starting to update my wardrobe again and a bomber is one of the must have items for fall. Bombers are a great addition because it adds that vintage feel whilst keeping you looking chic. When I saw this bomber jacket with cut-outs on the …

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